Highly Customizable Epoxy Resin Systems

Our specialty is in creating custom engineered solutions. We stand apart from other epoxy manufacturers due to our ability to provide a custom formulated epoxy resin system that both – performs beyond standard expectations and optimizes a company’s production process. We do this by employing a team of engineers and formulators who work together to solve complicated production issues.

Our superior technical expertise and broad experience deliver comprehensive solutions and quick turnaround. We custom formulate our resin systems for specific applications and performance envelopes based on your specific process and product performance needs.

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How will your material be maintained and formed?

Once you know the material that meets your specifications, we will ensure the quality you expect. AltraSet materials are continuously monitored throughout the manufacturing process. You will get the material you choose in the form most suited for your application.

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*Values shown are based on standard tests on specified configurations and are offered as a guide. No other guarantee is implied. Characteristics are subject to variations as applied to a specific design. Except for any written warranties which may be given by AltraSet, no express or implied warranties are made, and ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Buyers’ exclusive remedies are limited solely to repair or replacement of nonconforming goods, and CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED.
Advanced composite materials are our business. From standard offerings to custom applications, AltraSet materials meet the demands of every job with accuracy, quality, and dependability backed by customer service customers can count on.