Farm composite materials help farm and agriculture equipment withstand the natural elements that make farming an unpredictable business. From extreme and unforeseen weather conditions to decades of use, the equipment must operate smoothly, efficiently and offer a return on substantial purchase investments

AltraSet Agriculture Farm Equipment Composite Materials


AltraSet provides materials engineering and compounding fully controlled by our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory. Our engineered composite materials have excellent performance characteristics which makes them well suited for a wide variety of appliance applications.

AltraSet Appliance Thermoset Composite Materials


The use of composite materials in the automotive industry has gained ground in recent years. The use continues to grow and AltraSet, a leader in thermoset compound products, meets the sophisticated requirements of this highly-engineered industry.

AltraSet Automotive Thermoset Composite Materials

Civil Infrastructure

Using composite materials in the repair and rebuild of aging civil infrastructure is an attractive alternative to the heavier, corrosive materials traditionally deployed in the industry. AltraSet, a leader in thermoset compound products, provides civil infrastructure composite materials for a variety of infrastructure applications.

AltraSet Thermoset Composite Materials for Civil Infrastructure


In addition to maintaining critical physical properties under a variety of conditions, construction composite materials must be attractively finished with the end result lasting over time. As an example, a window frame must maintain its color and gloss in all weather conditions and stand up to harmful cleaning supplies.

AltraSet Thermoset Composite Materials Engineered for Construction

Corrosive Environments

AltraSet, a leader in thermoset composites, produces corrosive environments composite materials for some of the harshest industrial environments. Due to the anti-corrosive properties of composites, it is the material of choice for these conditions since the 1940s. Advancements in the 1950s led to composite utilization in the paper, pulp refinement and chemical processing industries.

AltraSet Corrosion-Resistant Composites


The electrical industry relies on the properties of electrical composite materials for top performance. Unlike parts molded from plastic which can carbonize or melt during exposure to electrical arcing or tracking, thermoset composite materials experience minimal impact from these common electrical equipment conditions.

AltraSet Electrical Thermoset Composite Materials


AltraSet’s in-house state-of-the-art laboratory allows the company to fully control materials engineering and compounding. The composite materials are manufactured with high performance characteristics. This factor makes AltraSet products well suited for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.

AltraSet HVAC Thermoset Composite Materials


Industrial products that include composite materials are lighter, corrosion resistant and require less maintenance than products made with older materials like steel, cast iron or wood. AltraSet, a leader in thermoset compounds, produces composites used in a variety of industrial products to enhance performance and provide durability that lasts.

AltraSet Industrial Thermoset Composite Materials


AltraSet’s composite materials are the choice for the all types of watercraft and applications across the marine industry. The marine environment exposes all types of watercraft, submersibles, offshore structures and other marine structural applications to ongoing environmental challenges.

AltraSet Marine Thermoset Composite Materials


AltraSet, a leader in thermoset composites, engineers and produces transportation composite materials for original equipment manufacturers in the transportation industry. These materials increase efficiencies, reduce fuel costs, and provide design flexibility and durability to the end products.

AltraSet Transportation Thermoset Composite Materials

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