Appliance Applications

Composites Engineered for Appliances

AltraSet, a leader in material technology solutions, provides appliance composite materials for some of the best-known appliance brands in the country. Meeting the demanding needs of these customers and ultimately, their customers require attention to trends, innovation, and commitment to quality, accuracy, and timeliness.

For consumers, kitchens are the heart of the home. And while designs may change, trends may come and go and homes may get smarter, but the heart of the home remains in place. Appliances in the kitchen and throughout the home make lives easier, save energy, and get tasks done for today’s busy consumers.

Commercial appliances must face the rigors of high volume, high intensity use. From washing machines to commercial stoves and dishwashers, performance must meet precise standards and continually operate at peak performance. Thermoset components help these machines operate smoothly time after time.

Rapid Advancements and Attention to Tastes

Unlike most other industries, trends within the appliance segment move quickly. Design and function are subject to both technology advancements and changing consumer taste. Composite components have kept pace with this engineering and design evolution.

Technology advancements can incorporate smart technology, increase safety, and add features for friendlier use and greater durability. Increased capabilities in commercial and residential appliances include multi-functionality and internet connectivity for enhanced efficiency, safety, and energy savings.

Our experts do more than keep pace with the changing appliance environment. They continually improve the appliance composite materials needed to meet the latest specifications. Staying ahead of the curve is exactly why appliance manufacturers turn to AltraSet for their appliance composite material needs.

Knobs, Handles, and More

Manufacturers rely on AltraSet thermoset composite materials for components because they know that consumers see and touch their appliances many times, every single day. Components found on appliances containing AltraSet thermoset materials include:

  • Handles
  • Knobs
  • Control panels
  • Consoles
  • Vent trim
  • Shelf brackets

The ability of our appliance composite materials to be formed into any shape, dimensional stability, and high strength to weight ratios ensures components manufactured with our thermoset appliance composite materials are engineered, produced, and delivered to exact specifications bringing reliability to every job.

Right for the Job

Metal was once the material of choice for appliances and parts. Over time, the properties of this material made it less attractive to manufacturers. Coated metal wears thin. All metal conducts heat rapidly, can warp under extreme conditions, corrode, and can be affected by chemicals and moisture. In addition, the material is often heavy and slick. For these reasons, although still used today, many appliance parts and components are no longer manufactured from metal.

Replacing metal and other appliance materials with thermoset composites is not new. Composite formulations and science continue to evolve. Engineering and chemical advancements of thermoset composites make these materials more and more favored by the appliance industry. Composites deliver the variety of requirements that appliance manufacturers demand. As a replacement to once-traditional metal parts, thermoset composite components can mimic the look of metal while offering superior:

  • Durability to withstand repeated use without chipping or a decrease in performance
  • Thermal stability for less heat conduction
  • Heat resistance to withstand fluctuating and extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to corrosion for sustained usage without rusting or fading
  • Chemical resistance for endurance and strength
  • Tactile weight and surface properties that please consumers
  • Sound baffling for quieter operation

Thermoset Composites

As appliances get smarter and last longer, thermoset composites must adapt. AltraSet can customize the formulation of a thermoset appliance composite materials to meet the requirements of any appliance application. From plain to complex, our engineers, designers, and professionals will collaborate with you to ensure quality, performance, and delivery to every specification of your appliance application.

From the largest commercial appliance to the smallest appliance used by consumers, dedication to providing the latest, most useful materials remains the reason the largest appliance manufacturers turn to AltraSet appliance composite materials for solutions that meet their needs.

AltraSet’s material engineering team can customize a compound to fit your application and meet your exact specifications.

AltraSet has pioneered formulations considered industry benchmarks for aesthetics, molded-in gloss and high strength.

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